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web design gold coast

web design gold coast

web design gold coast

web design gold coast

web design gold coast


web design gold coast

web design gold coast

***these options are sold separately to any web package, or can be added to an existing package at a discounted rate

Dancing Pencil Designs also proudly offers videography services on behalf of D'Arcy & Co.

We can help with any video needs you have, but we specialise in Weddings and Events.


Videography is also becoming more and more important to ensure the success of a business. 

We can help capture, edit and create simply stunning videos and imagery for you to use for your company or business, or help to truly encapsulate and immortalise your next special occasion. 

Get in touch today and discover how we can help by clicking the link below, or by emailing us here.

Visit Darcy & Co. here...




from 100 

Flyers are a great way to get the word out in your local neighbourhood, as well as boosting your in-house marketing and awareness. 

Dancing Pencil can help you achieve your design goals with beautiful, simple and easy to read flyers that are printed at low cost, but high quality.

Flyers can come in many shapes and sizes, but are recommended at DL, or A5 (these sizes are best for in-house holders and letterbox drops). 

With bright, beautiful images and bold texts, flyers are an innovative and often over-looked way to reach customers on another more personal and less 'in your face' way.​

Click here to see examples of happy customers' flyers...

Perfect for restaurants, suppliers, salons, hairdressers, pest controllers and many, many more! 

Get in touch today!


from 25 per entry

Blogs are an awesome way to share your passion or express a story. Popular with photographers, travellers, hotels and online stores, a blog could be just what you need to kick start your brand.


If it is your choice to add a blog to your site, and you don't have the time or energy to maintain it yourself, sit back and let DPD take care of it for you. 

We can create and publish a weekly, monthly or bi-monthly blog for you with just the information provided by you, along with any photos and additional needs you have.


- 250 words standard (larger entires also available at an additional cost)

- Blog entries updated every week, month or bi-monthly,

- Photos, videos and songs are also able to be added if supplied (we can also source suitable photos if you don't have them).

- Backlinking and website integration.


from 49 per newsletter

Newsletters are a great way to keep your clients and customers engaged, whilst peaking interest and keep them coming back for more of your business.

We can create and publish a weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly newsletter for you.

Newsletters can be as small or as large as you need - but it is recommended to keep the newsletter to a short, easy to read and visually appealing minimum. This keeps customers attention, and has more of a chance of being read in full rather than skimmed and deleted.


- A beautiful, easy to navigate newsletter with integrated links to both your site and any other sites needed.

- Newsletters can be created and distributed every week, month 2 months or quarterly (charge is per newsletter).

- Photos, videos and songs are also able to be added if supplied (we can also source suitable photos if you don't have them).

- Links to social media.

- Backlinking and website integration.


from 49 per week

A website is only a small, essential part of what a business needs to thrive. 

Social media is the next big piece in the puzzle. 

Dancing Pencil can take care of both your Facebook & Instagram, as well as any other social media platforms you may choose to activate. 

We can work closely with you to create a perfect plan that suits your needs.


- Facebook posting and story creation.

- Instagram posting and story creation.

- Full setup of chosen mediums.

- Daily, bi-daily or weekly posting or maybe every four days? We can work with you to suit.

- Backlinking and website integration.


from 20 per hour

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is not a sprint to the finish line, but rather an ongoing marathon.

Websites are constantly crawled by Google 'spiders', that look for fresh, relative content that helps the site in question rank higher in Google and other main search engines. 

For as little as 20p/h, DPD can help you keep your site content fresh so you can focus on the business itself. 

This option also allows the client to focus on updating and maintaining their site with any changes needed to keep things fresh and up-to-date.

Hours are monitored by Dancing Pencil and invoiced monthly. Alternatively, clients are able to select a maximum of hours they wish to pay for each month and the work is done accordingly. ​​