Frequently asked questions

I've got an online store. What do I do, and how much?

Online stores require alot of cataloguing and data entry, as well as top knotch SEO setup. An online store would usually be best with the ULTIMA package, as it requires alot of hours work, and alot of precision and backlinking. But, depending on how many items you want to sell (perhaps you are just a small, hand crafted jewellery startup), you might get away with the EXXTRA package. Get in touch today to find out more...

Do you design my logo?

We can! Logo design starts at $199.99, and covers 10 inital deisgns, with up to five revisions on your chosen logo. Any more will be at a small, additonal hourly fee ($30p/h).

With logos, the more detail, ideas and inspiration you bring to the table the better, as it can really help kickstart the process.

Do you include Google AdWords?

Dancing Pencil Designs takes care of all your IN-SITE SEO. Once the site is finished, Google AdWords and other paid services can be purchased at the clients discretion. Of course, we can work together heading in to the future. See more about maintenance below...

Do you keep maintaining the website, or do I?

Either or! If you are confident enought to keep the site going, we can hand the site over to you and it's yours to take on. You will be the owner, completely. But, if you prefer, Dancing Pencil Designs can also maintain and update your site on a regular basis for a small monthly fee. This fee begins at $50 per month (about $10 a week +GST), but is subject to change dependant on the work load. This way, whenever you need photos, specials, menus or items updated, we can have it done in no time at all. Plus, ongoing SEO is a big bonus in today's competitive online society.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is, put simply, a websites bread and butter. It is a system of tools and techniques implemented in a website that helps your site get found on the biggest search engines in the world. When you type "Byron Bay Accommodation" in to Google, you're searching through hundreds, if not thousands of similar, competing websites and businesses that all want you to visit their site. We take the hard work and tedious time out of doing all this, and get it done for you as part of your package. In saying that, SEO is an ongoing battle - you only get out what you put in. It's always good to update images with tags, refresh text with your keywords, upload fresh content, post on a blog etc to keep Google and other search engines crawling your site and making updates for you. In return, your site is recognized more and more and moves up the ranks in search engines. In this way, SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. So don't panic if you don't immediately see your website on Google's page 1 - most have used alot of money to get there. Although this is an option for you too, it's not always 100% neccessary or effective.

How long will it take for my website?

It all depends on the workload, but we always strive to get your site finished as fast as possible. If you, in return, can provide images, logos and info we need as smartly and efficiently as possible, you could have your site up and running within 1-2 weeks.

Other sites like online stores, hotels and larger organizations might require alot more work and indexing. Usually, the turn around time would be between 4-6 weeks, sometimes less.

I live overseas. Can I still use you for my website?

Of course! With today's technology, communication across the world is simple and easy.

What Videography do you offer, and what will I get?

Every customer is different - so we work with that. Whether you are a restaurant, small business, or huge corporation (hello Harvey Norman Commercial!), we can help cater to your needs and suggest applicable measures. For example, some restaurants have private dining areas and manage alot of private events and functions so they require more promo clips to send to potential clients. Others may just want straight forward clips to use for social media and general promotion. The best part is the more you want, the cheaper we go! And, if you have ongoing work for us, we can certainly work out a deal to match!

I want a Blog...

Writing and creating is at the heart of Dancing Pencil Designs, and blog creation is a huge part of what we love to do! We offer blogging on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Some people only need a blog entry every so often, so pricing is matched accordingly. In saying that, blogging is a fantastic way to keep Google spiders crawling your site with updated, fresh content - and can help grow your SEO organically! We can even kick start your blog four entries and let you take over from there if you prefer. Get in touch and let's talk!

Do you do my photos?

Photos are always at an additional cost, unless discussed and worked out previously. We have some very talented friends at Danielle Knight & Co. whom we outsource photography to - and they do a wonderful job. With more than 10 years experience in the field, Danielle Knight & Co. have racked up a huge clientele base and continue to grow. You can trust them to do a wonderful job with photos for your business.



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